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Our Concept
Connect. Inspire. Grow.

Welcome to FUTRWORKS
FUTRWORKS is Osaka's premium coworking space, nestled right in the heart Umeda, Osaka, designed for those with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our goal is to empower communities seeking growth and collaborative opportunities in Osaka.
Umeda, the home of FUTRWORKS, is undergoing a significant transformation into a prominent international hub. Umeda has a rich history, notably as the birthplace of Hankyu Railway, founded by the entrepreneurial figure Kobayashi Ichizo. He pioneered the concept of domestic housing loans and established Hankyu Department Store - the world's first terminal station department store.
Throughout the years, he spearheaded many urban development initiatives, particularly centered around the railway, encompassing distribution, entertainment, and tourism.
As part of the Hankyu Hanshin Group, FUTRWORKS is committed to driving innovation from Umeda.

Formerly known as "GVH#5," we have long supported the startup ecosystem in the Kansai region. Now, our renewed mission is to utilize our history, assets, and unique network of the Hankyu Hanshin Group to propel startups and digital nomads forward.
Our aim is to facilitate the entry of entrepreneurs and digital nomads into the Japanese market, connecting them with the right local partners and opportunities.
FUTRWORKS serves as an exclusive gateway, providing essential resources for your successful entry into Japan's vibrant business landscape.

Join us at FUTRWORKS, where history meets innovation and the future of entrepreneurship thrives!

Connect. Inspire. Grow.
Connect. Inspire. Grow. Connect. Inspire. Grow.